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Torry Poems & Stories

From Alan Reid

Brief History of Saint Fittick

"Saint Fittick was shipwrecked at the Bay Of Nigg around AD 650. He came to convert the local picts to Christianity. He found a spring and drank of it's waters. We know of it now as Saint Fittick's Well.

I don't think there was a church as so, he probably preached in the open air..

The first spoken of church was in 1198 but Alexander II chartered Nigg to Abbots of Arbroath.

In Arbroath Abbey in 1495 James IV created Torry as a Bourough of Barony.

It wasn't till 1829 when John Smith built Nigg Kirk took over the work of the Mither Kirk.

The bell which was struck in 1759 and the Gallion which hung from the roof now reside in Torry Saint Fittick's Church on Walker Road.."

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The Davidsons of Balnagask

"The Davidsons of Balnagask lived in Balnagask House. This was razed to the ground in 1970 to make way for the the old peoples home.

The family is interred at Old Nigg Church that now belongs to Aberdeen City Council.. Next to the house site is the Old Tullos mouth - accross from the Golden Tee public House. It is a beautiful place.. Each year the hill is covered with flowers. First the snowdrops, then the cricus, after that the daffodil and then the bluebell. The hill is listed."


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